Training & Certification

IHS adheres to the highest standards for educating treating clinicians.

Each clinician must successfully complete a certification program consisting of video training required reading, hands on training, and testing .

Video Training

IHS uses the state of the art video training in association with a private production company dedicated to providing medical instructional videos.


Required Reading

Each doctor is provided access to all literature & study information, including published resources to help understand IHS products.

Hands On Training

Hands on training is required for IHS certification. Each provider will have an on site training session by a certified IHS trainer requiring placing the device on live patients. Each clinician will be carefully guided to feel comfortable in device application.



Pre and post training testing is required. The testing is based on information provided to assure each clinician has been exposed to and understands the science, anatomy, and application of the IHS devices. Clinicians will find the pre and post training  testing to be a positive experience designed to help and master the science.

Contact A Certified IHS Trainer For More Information

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